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Dara McGrath is an Irish based commercial photographer who has been photographing for over 15 years. He has worked for museums, galleries, artists, publishers, graphic designers, academic researchers, historians, public bodies and commercial organisations, as well as magazines, private individuals and their collections One of his specialties is the fine art documentation for museums and galleries, both within the public and private sphere.

Another of his specialties is in the process of digital image archiving of art and historical collections. He liaises closely with clients, artists, curators printers and designers to get the optimum quality and satisfaction that the subject matter deserves. His work has also a strong focus in the area of architectural interiors and furniture. Dara is also a practicing photographic artist .His website can be found here.

He also holds a First Class National Diploma in Commercial Photography and a Masters in Visual Arts Practice, (Art-Making Strand) from the Institute of Art Design and Technology Dublin

All the images on this website are the copyright of Dara McGrath and his clients and may not be transferred or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of the copyright holders. The privacy of my clients and their collections are held in the utmost confidentiality, therefore this we ll selection of the work I have undertaken. If you are interested in the use, where possible of any of the images on this website please contact Dara McGrath on the contacts page for appropriate terms and usage agreement